James Taylor – “Paul McCartney Enjoys Emotional Fans”

Sir Paul McCartney says his songs often bring out deep emotions among his fans.

The former Beatles legend has the luxury of being able to perform a back catalogue that stretches over 50 years, full of memorable songs. The 68-year-old confirms that he is aware of the intense feelings he creates in his supporters during live shows but acknowledges they are usually having more fun than he is.

“You’re not as aware of it as the people in the audience you talk to afterwards. But you’re aware of a feeling. The nice thing is it’s a common feeling, ‘cos it’s you and them feeling it. Obviously when I do ‘Here Today’ or ‘Something’, I’m specifically thinking of John or George. When I do My Love or Maybe I’m Amazed, I’m specifically thinking of Linda. So there’s an inherent emotion in those songs,” he told Q magazine.

Paul believes he understands these feelings more after witnessing them first hand during a live performance by James Taylor. The American singer-songwriter wowed Paul who found himself deeply moved.

“But I get myself sometimes with other artists. A few years ago I saw James Taylor and… it wasn’t the song… it was just the memory of his voice and his guitar and I just thought, ‘I f**king love this guy’ And it got me. I suddenly found myself crying,” he revealed.

Source: Belfast Telegraph