“Elvis Costello’s Spinning Songbook is a win-win”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Scott Mervis: 17th June, 2011

Then, Elvis ran off, changed and returned in the guise of game-show host Napoleon Dynamite, promising “songs about love, songs about sex, songs about death, and dancing, but not necessarily in that order.” The first spin, in the rain, from Katie, came up on the “You Tripped At Every Step,” and so it went, with “Every Day I Write the Book” from Haley, and old frat-rock fave “Pump it Up” (a Joker “request” spin from Amy).

In the end, we were all winners of the Spinning Songbook, lucky to witness an artist who, through the course of two and a half hours and 30 songs, managed to be charming, funny, nimble, disturbing and very rock ‘n’ roll.
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