“Elvis Costello Sings With Grover And All The Gang”

The Wall Street Journal: Marshall Heyman: 3rd June 2011

One of the things that’s frustrating about going to a fund-raiser at Cipriani 42nd Street is that, sitting through speeches and waiting for dinner to be served, you could eat a lot of breadsticks. The perfectly salty Cipriani carbohydrates are usually in the center of the table in water glasses. They’re offered in addition to a croissant-like circular roll lying in wait on your bread plate.

In fact, sometimes you’re so hungry or bored or both or, let’s face it, the breadsticks are just there, that you could plow through them like Cookie Monster eats cookies. Except, as we learned Wednesday at Sesame Workshop’s annual benefit there, Cookie Monster doesn’t eat so many cookies anymore.  More…