Elvis Costello – “My dog he turned to me and he said…”

“My dog he turned to me and he said…”

Elvis Costello Joins Furthur for Band’s Final New York Blowout.

He fronts the band on classics like ‘Tennessee Jed’ and ‘Friend of the Devil

Rolling Stone : By Patrick Doyle March 28, 2011

When Furthur hit the stage for their third consecutive headlining show
at Radio City Music Hall last night (and their eighth show in New York
City this month), surprises were expected. But it’s safe to say everyone
was shocked when, after two songs, Elvis Costello sprinted out wearing a
navy checkerboard suit, silver hat and thick-rimmed glasses strapped on
an acoustic guitar and fronted the band on a stomping, joyous rendition
of “Tennessee Jed,” trading verses with guest guitarist Larry Campbell
in front of vintage psychedelic visuals. Afterwards, he waved to the
crowd, appearing he was leaving the stage, but simply took a sip of
water and headed back to the mic, where he stayed for the majority of
the first set.