Elvis Costello – “I Wish I Was In New Orleans”

Consequence Of Sound
Paul de Revere on May 7th

It’s impossible to talk about New Orleans and its music (and broader culture) without talking about the city’s recent strife. Period. So forgive me, apolitical readers, and political ones who flinch at the possibility of bring preached to.

It goes without saying that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast (from which I live about half an hour away in North Florida) has a had a string of shitty luck in the last few years. Maybe “luck” isn’t the right word. Divine improvidence or damning from God, perhaps, if you believe that. However you want to explain it away, it fucking sucks for the Coast and particularly New Orleans, once the thriving commerce and cultural capital of America and The New World.

In short, New Orleans has got the blues.  More…